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Information and Policies

How to Enroll

Submit a completed registration form to CCMC and enclose:

  1. full payment for tuition and registration fees, or
  2. completed financial aid application in lieu of payment.

New applicants for the John Adams Young Composers program should also submit an original notated musical composition. Applicants will be contacted to schedule an audition or interview if necessary.

Tuition and Fees

All fees and tuition must be paid before the first lesson or class. Payment may
be made in two installments if paid by credit card; otherwise payment in full is due with registration. If partial financial aid is awarded, payment for the remaining tuition and fees must be made before the first class or lesson. CCMC reserves the right to refuse reenrollment to students whose accounts are not in good standings. Students enrolled in the CCMC private lesson program receive a 25% tuition discount for chamber ensembles and musicianship classes.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is awarded based on merit, commitment, and demonstrated financial need. Awards for the academic year are assigned by September 1; limited financial aid may be offered after the deadline depending upon availability. Applications are available for download here or in the CCMC office. The deadline for application is August 21, 2014.

Financial aid applications are available at or in the CCMC office, and must be accompanied by a copy of your most recent Federal tax return, including all schedules. If you do not file a tax return, you must submit other documents (e.g., ADFC, SSI, current unemployment benefit statement) that substantiate your statement of annual/monthly income. Aid applications must also be accompanied by the required registration fee. Incomplete applications
will not be considered.


Tuition and fees are payable to Crowden Music Center by cash, check, money order, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). A $25 fee will be charged for any non-negotiable check presented. CCMC reserves the right to refuse personal checks from students who have previously paid with nonnegotiable items, or to refuse enrollment to students whose accounts are not in good standing.

Attendance and Make-Ups

CCMC does not provide make-ups for classes or lessons missed by students. No refunds are granted for absence from lessons. If an instructor cancels a class or lesson, the instructor must schedule a make-up session during the semester.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Intention to withdraw from lessons or classes must be submitted in writing to CCMC. Informing an instructor of a decision to withdraw from a class, stopping or withholding payment, or not attending classes, does not constitute withdrawal. Students who withdraw from lessons may not reenroll for lessons until the following academic year. Refunds will be issued according the following schedule:

  1. Lessons: Students must submit a written statement to the CCMC office two weeks prior to the intended date of withdrawal. Tuition for the remaining lessons after the two-week period will be refunded. If a student wishes to withdraw immediately, the cost of two lessons will be deducted from the refund amount.
  2. Classes: Students who submit notice in writing by the second class meeting will receive a refund less the registration fee and the cost of one class. No refunds will be made after the second class meeting.

Class Cancellations

All CCMC courses offered are subject to minimum enrollment requirements. Courses may be canceled at the discretion of the CCMC director if enrollment is deemed insufficient.

Questions? Call CCMC at 510.559.2941, or send us an email!

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