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Wendy Clymer

BA, Brown University
MM, San Francisco Conservatory

Wendy Clymer, viola and violin, holds a BA from Brown University and a MM from San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she studied with Jodi Levitz. She has also studied with Karen Tuttle at the Juilliard School. Ms. Clymer was awarded a fellowship to pursue doctoral studies at the University of Oklahoma where she performed as violist of the MacArthur String Quartet and the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, taught at the Sooner String Project and Oklahoma Baptist University, and served as teaching assistant at the University of Oklahoma. She teaches instrumental and general music in the Lafayette School District and coaches chamber music for the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra. In addition to her musical activities, she has been a translator and tour guide in Berlin, Germany; a financial aid counselor and a paralegal.

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