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Crowden Music Center Concerts Calendar 2013-14

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Sunday, September 8, 10:00am-4:00pm (free)
"Instrument Petting Zoo" at Solano Stroll (above Colusa)

Sunday, September 29, 10:00am-3:30pm (free)

"String Instrument Petting Zoo" at Cal Performances Fall Free for All


October 6, 4:00pm
Sundays @ Four: Baumer Quartet
Grand opening of the Jacqueline and Peter Hoefer Auditorium!

October 19, 12:30pm (free)
Suzuki Group Recital

October 20, 10am–3pm (free)
Community Music Day

Friday, October 25, 6:30pm (free)
Crowden School Evening of Music


November 2, 3:30pm (free)
CCMC Student Recital

Friday, November 8, 6:30pm (free)
Crowden School Lower School Evening of Music

November 16, 7:00pm (free)
John Adams Young Composers Program Fall Concert

November 17, 3:30pm (free)
Suzuki Fall Concert


December 7, 3:30pm (free)
CCMC Student Recital

Thursday, December 12, 10:15 am (free)
Crowden School Piano Performance

December 14, 3:30pm (free)
CCMC Student Recital


January 19, 4:00pm
Sundays @ Four: Bonnie Hampton & Friends

Friday, January 24 , 6:30pm (free)
Crowden School Basically Baroque Concert

Thursday, January 30, 8:30am (free)
Crowden School Fourth Grade Solo Performance


Thursday, February 13, 10:00am (free)
Crowden School Fifth Grade Solo Performance

Thursday, February 27, 10:00am (free)
Crowden School Sixth Grade Solo Performance


March 9, 12:00pm (free)
Chamber Music for Adults Recital

Thursday, March 13, 10:00am (free)
Crowden School Seventh Grade Solo Performance

March 15, 12:30pm (free)
Suzuki Group Recital

March 23, 4:00pm
Sundays @ Four: Kenneth Renshaw, violin, Arkadi Serper, piano

Friday, March 28, 6:30pm (free)
Eighth Grade Solo Night

Saturday, March 29, 3:0pm (free)
CCMC Student Recital

Saturday, March 29, Craneway Pavilion
Crowden 30th Anniversary Gala


No events this April!


Friday, May 2, 6:30pm (free)
Crowden School All-School Evening of Music

May 3, 3:30 pm (free)
Suzuki Graduation Recital

May 10, 3:30pm (free)
CCMC Student Recital

May 11, 4:00pm
Sundays @ Four: Alexander String Quartet

May 17, 3:30pm (free)
CCMC Student Recital 3:30pm

May 17, 7:00pm (free)
John Adams Young Composers Program Spring Concert

May 18, 12:30pm (free)
Suzuki Group Recital

May 24, 7:00pm, Hertz Hall, UC Berkeley
Crowden 30th Anniversary Concert


June 1, 12:00pm (free)
Chamber Music for Adults Recital

Friday, June 6, 6:30pm (free)
Crowden School Stepping Up Ceremony

Friday, June 6, 7:30pm (free)
Crowden School Eighth Grade Composition Project

Saturday, June 7, 4:00pm (free)
The Crowden School Graduation

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