Suzuki Strings

Ages 3 & older, with parents

Göran Berg, Program Director

In Crowden's Suzuki Strings program, parents take an active role in the educational process by attending all lessons and classes, and by practicing daily with their children at home.

Crowden offers Suzuki lessons for violin and cello

To enroll in Suzuki Strings, families follow this three-step process:

  1. Register for a free informational meeting, for parents only. The next meeting will take place in September 2017.

    Fill out the inquiry form below to receive information about the next Suzuki Info Meeting for parents!

  2. Enroll in our Introduction to Suzuki class. The next class session will take place in Fall 2017. In the first hour, parents and children familiarize themselves with the first songs in the Suzuki Strings program. Through creative movement and singing, the children internalize the songs in preparation for learning them on their instrument. In the second hour, parents learn the fundamentals of their child's chosen instrument, and of the Suzuki method.
  3. You are now ready to enroll in Suzuki Strings! Lessons and classes begin following the Introduction to Suzuki class.

Ages 3 & older with parents

16 weeks

Informational Meetings for Parents:

      • Fall meeting: September 2017, TBD

Tuition for 4-week Introduction to Suzuki class: $300

Tuition for Suzuki lessons varies depending on the length of lessons. The cost for beginning students typically starts at $1,328 for a 16-week semester. Please contact Crowden for more information.

The cornerstone of the Suzuki program at Crowden is the creation of a cooperative relationship between teacher, parent, and student.
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