Early Childhood Music

Ages 3-7

Kodály or Dalcroze: Which Should I Choose?

Jacques-Emile Dalcroze and Zoltán Kodály were both 20th-century music educators who passed down their ideas about how to introduce young children to music. Our Kodály- and Dalcroze-inspired classes both engage children in learning the basic musical concepts of pitch, rhythm, and timbre. The Kodály method emphasizes singing as the foundation, and the Dalcroze method uses body movement as a starting point. Whichever class you choose, your child will have fun as they lay the groundwork for a lifelong love of music!

Early childhood music at Crowden

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Submit a completed registration form to Crowden. Registrations are accepted until the class is filled. Full payment of tuition and fees should be included with the registration form.

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Crowden's early childhood music classes introduce musical building blocks and develop elements of collaborative music making in delightful interactive settings.