Profile of Betsy Wahl

Elizabeth Wahl




Betsy was born in Boston, but raised in Marin in a large and rather science oriented family. As an undergraduate studying biology at UCSC, she did an internship with the Life Lab program, which gave her a taste for teaching in a garden setting long before Alice Waters made this popular. Later she worked in a fourth grade class helping primarily with math and science. These experiences working with children helped her decide to pursue a teaching credential in science at UC Berkeley. After teaching science (sixth, seventh, and eighth grade sequentially) at Adams Middle School in Richmond, she went back to school herself to study Aquatic Biology at S.F. State University. Here she enjoyed her first classes in entomology and invertebrate zoology, having studied mostly botany and agroecology as an undergraduate. Family and work at an ecological consulting firm intervened, and she did not return to teaching for more than a decade until starting as Lower School Science teacher at Crowden in 2005. Betsy lives in Berkeley with her husband, three daughters, and the neurotic dog Millie. She enjoys gardening, reading, and volleyball, which she coached for her daughters’ teams.


B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz; Credential, University of California, Berkeley; M.A. San Francisco State University

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