School Life

A Sense of Community

Chamber music brings us all together like one big family. The Crowden School has a strong tradition of building community through our many school events. Collectively we rally around students to enrich their experience, whether it is in a classroom, onstage, or off-campus. Students learn that the spirit of teamwork extends beyond their own peer groups and that everyone (including the audience) stands behind them and is invested in their growth and success.


Crowden students share a passion for learning and creating.

The Crowden School for fourth through eighth grade

Thinking Globally | Acting Locally

Daily music practice causes an awareness of one’s own power to influence change, and leads to a greater empathy and curiosity about the world.

Crowden students created this artwork after an Oxfam Hunger Banquet

If every child in the world could go to a school like Crowden, there would be world peace in one generation! I know that sounds extreme, but that's not an exaggeration.

— Grandparent of a Crowden School student


In the true spirit of teamwork, all of our school events are driven by a strong volunteer effort. In addition to our Volunteer Coordinator, each grade has a designated Room Parent. Families work closely with teachers and administration to facilitate field trips, concert receptions, and school celebrations.
Parent volunteers are an essential support at the Crowden School

Sharing Music with Others

We believe that encouraging the love of music is one of the best gifts we can give our children. In turn, Crowden School students share their passion for music with others in the greater Bay Area community and across the globe.
A Crowden School student shows off a violin at Solano Stroll

The Crowden School

A coeducational day school for grades 3–8, the Crowden School provides a distinguished education with chamber music at its core.