Welcome! The Crowden School is unlike any other school in the country, a fourth through eighth grade day school with chamber music at its heart.

We hope that, as you navigate around our website, you get a sense of what is so unique and inspiring about our music-rich environment.

Complementing our intellectually stimulating academic curriculum is a strings-based music program that offers students two hours of instruction and rehearsal every day. Mornings start with instrument technique classes for violin, viola, cello, piano, and bass, accompanied by classes in music theory. The second hour of the day features orchestra rehearsals and small group ensemble training. As part of their academic day, students also participate in Music History classes and Chorus. Every month offers a public performance in our beautiful Hoefer Auditorium.

In addition to their music studies, Crowden students take a full range of academic classes, including Art and PE. The skills they acquire as chamber musicians—cooperation, focus, dedication, discipline—they apply to their class work, making them students whose uncommon strengths and abilities guide them after Crowden to the area’s most demanding high schools. Thereafter, accustomed to working at the highest level, they take their place among the nation’s foremost colleges, universities, and conservatories.

With over thirty-five years of experience teaching young people to become accomplished chamber musicians, Crowden offers unmatched experiences and opportunities that are truly transformative, and our cooperative learning model leads to lifelong friendships among our graduates. Whether they go on to careers in medicine, microbiology, or as professional musicians, they reunite around a shared love of playing ensemble music together.

When you are at Crowden, you are never far from music. We invite you to join us.

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson
Crowden School Principal

Eugene Sor

Eugene Sor
Crowden School Director of Music

The Crowden School

A coeducational day school for grades 4–8, the Crowden School provides a distinguished education with chamber music at its core.