Why Choose The Crowden School?

The Crowden School: Where music changes everything

Children who love music find a home at The Crowden School.

The study of chamber music alongside a rigorous academic curriculum offers our students a unique educational experience with transformative results. Small class sizes allow our students to thrive as individuals and to gain confidence in their own voices.

In ensembles, students learn skills such as focused listening, practice and perseverance, and an empathetic group dynamic. The joy in playing music fuels their passion to create, explore, discuss, and grow into themselves at this important juncture in their young lives.

Reasons to Choose Crowden

  • Intellectually engaging curriculum
  • Big opportunities in small class settings
  • Excellent high school placement
  • Enduring friendships

Results of a Crowden School Education

  • Independently minded critical thinkers
  • Creative problem solvers
  • Curious, brave communicators
  • Confident learners

Getting an Education at the Crowden School

The Crowden School

A coeducational day school for grades 3–8, the Crowden School provides a distinguished education with chamber music at its core.