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Dear Crowden Community,

What an unsettling and extraordinary time this is! A heartfelt thank you to our wonderful community for all your words of support and encouragement. We’ve been happy and touched that so many of you are reaching out to us via texts, Zoom, letters, and emails. All of us at Crowden deeply appreciate your support.

I am writing to update you on changes to our operations, which we have implemented to help limit the spread of COVID-19. We continue to take every effort to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of everyone in our community.

This is a time of great uncertainty with information that is constantly changing. I am in touch regularly with trusted medical professionals, and with local and county public health departments. Crowden’s Board of Trustees, senior leadership, and I will continue to regularly reassess our situation based on the most reliable evidence available. Our plan and hope is that we will all return sometime in spring, and come together again to celebrate our extraordinary community.

School and Center Closures

Spring Break will remain from April 6 through April 12. We had hoped to resume classes and programs on Monday, April 13, but for now we have set reopening of the physical campus for Monday, May 4. Online classes will continue until we reopen. Our School Principal Brad Johnson and Director of Music Eugene Sor will continue to send detailed information regarding instruction and expectations for the school. Current students and families should expect the Crowden School Newsletter on a weekly basis.

Where possible, Crowden's community education lessons and classes are continuing to take place remotely during the closure. Spring Break will remain as scheduled for community programs from April 6 through April 12. In the cases where remote learning is not practical or not possible, classes, ensembles, and lessons are suspended until Monday, May 4. Community Programs Director Marion Atherton will continue to update faculty and families regarding specific programs. We will also be sending out weekly email updates to keep you informed and in touch with Crowden’s community education.

Public Gatherings

We are suspending all public performances, recitals, and rentals until May 4, 2020.

Our building is currently closed to all but essential staff and faculty. There is a skeleton crew of about seven of us here to continue administrative, financial, and facility functions. Most of our faculty and staff are working from home.

I am so very grateful to our staff, faculty, students, and families. In these unprecedented times, we are all still making transitions and trying to establish new norms. For many of you, that includes figuring out how to work from home, with your spouses/partners and children also ‘working’ from home. For others of you, it means having to restructure and create different curricula, and adjust to the pace of online teaching, and for still others it means reduced hours, and in some cases even the loss of capability to teach and work. As a parent, teacher, and administrator I well sympathize with everyone about having to be patient and adjust to these new challenges. I deeply appreciate everyone’s efforts to accommodate to these changes.

We have been doing our best to adapt to a quickly changing world. A little over two weeks ago we made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel our gala, Crowden’s biggest fundraiser, and then later that same week, we made the decision to close our center, hoping these steps would contribute to the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Every day—indeed, by the end of every day—there is a different assessment. The rate at which facts and good information changes is breathtaking.

What I continue to see from our staff, faculty, parents, and students is a lot of empathy, a collective desire to share ideas for solutions and mitigations, and above all, much heart. All of us here miss seeing our students and their families, and hearing live music! Please ‘hang in there’ with me, and reach out to me if you have any further questions.

Warm regards,


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