Our Mission and Values


Where students come to receive a world-class education with music at its core.


Crowden Music Center

  • Mission

    Crowden Music Center is committed to excellence in education, performance, and creative endeavor, and to the cultural enrichment of the larger community.

  • Values

    • We believe that the understanding, practice, and study of music enriches the quality of life, nourishes the human spirit, and fosters the growth of intellect, creativity, and character.
    • We believe that the drive to learn is an innate human quality. We encourage curiosity, discovery, and engagement through an active learning process.
    • We believe in the power of interpersonal communications, and actively practice and teach skills of listening, empathy, and collaborative effort.
    • We value an inclusive community of students, parents, faculty, and supporters, celebrating differences of race, culture, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender identity, and sexual orientation.


The Crowden School

  • Mission

    The Crowden School provides students in their foundational stages with excellent musical and academic teaching within a supportive school environment.

  • Values

    • We instill students with self-confidence, adaptability, maturity, critical thinking, and perspective to sustain their continued development and personal fulfilment throughout their lives.
    • We value quality musical training and performance in balance with scholarly education as a core educational development of a whole person.
    • We foster creative, problem solving, compassionate young people with integrity and a sense of responsibility, who enrich their communities.
    • We develop collaborative classrooms and school community where each staff member, student, and family take responsibility for the collective success and well-being of all. 

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