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Information for Crowden School Parents

Dear Crowden School Parents and Guardians,

The Crowden School remains engaged in remote learning while our campus is closed through May 3, to help stem the spread of COVID-19. Spring Break, scheduled for April 6–10, will not be affected, and we encourage you to take that time to truly take a break.

During the closure, we will continue to employ our modified approach to distance learning in order to maintain educational continuity for both music and academics. Teachers are relying on both Thinkwave and Google Classroom to post messages, assignments, links, and materials. Students need regular, but not continuous, internet access in order to stay on top of assignments and expectations. We are holding core academic classes, music technique classes, and musicianship clases using Zoom; please see the current remote class schedule here.

Parents should be on the lookout for email messages meant for their student being sent to the parent's email address. Please share or forward these messages in ways consistent with your family's practices and values.

We extend our best wishes to everyone in the Crowden community as we prepare to meet and ride out the effects of the expanding pandemic, and we look forward to the time that we can all gather together again and celebrate in the way that we do best: with food, friendship, and music.

Stay well. 

Expectations for Online Learning

Treat online classes as you would classes in the physical classroom:

  • Show up for class
  • Be on time
  • Dress appropriately
  • Don't eat during class
  • Don't engage in inappropriate or distracting chats
  • Stay focused on the classwork
  • Show respect to classmates and teachers
  • Don't leave class to go to the restroom; plan your breaks accordingly

Additionally, do not cause distractions, including through the use of unconventional backgrounds, visual effects, vocal distortions, and the like.

Crowden School COVID-19 FAQs and Resources

Crowden School facilities are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but school remains in session. What this means is that students do not go to campus for classes, but instead participate in distance learning. Assignments have been provided to students either in paper packets, online, or through a hybrid of paper and online resources, and students learn at home during the Shelter-In-Place statewide order.

As this situation evolves, we know that families have many questions. Below you'll find some general information and resources. Please feel free to contact your child's teachers, the front desk or Heidi, Brad, and Eugene with additional questions. We will continue to update this resource as more information becomes available.

It is likely that school will remain closed for the remainder of this academic year. Provisions for eighth grade graduation, the yearbook, and musical celebrations are being discussed.

  • All Crowden teachers are working remotely, creating and delivering distance learning curricula for their students, and working with students individually and in groups, depending on the class, grade, and student.
  • Teachers are responding to emails, but please be aware that it may take more time than usual given the circumstances and additional workload of remote teaching.
  • If your child needs help with their assignments or has questions about class expectations, their teacher is the best place to start.

We know that many families are dealing with a tremendous amount of stress and struggling to balance work, health, family, and schoolwork.

  • Is attendance being taken? Teachers are monitoring student participation in order to identify students who may need individual engagement or additional support.
  • What happens if my child cannot complete their schoolwork on time? If you need additional assistance, please reach out to your child's teacher.
  • Will students be graded on assignments and tests during the closure?
    • Yes. Students are encouraged to engage with the assignments teachers are providing in order to maintain routines, connection to school, and good study habits. Teachers have adapted their curricula and grading systems accordingly per discipline and grade level. Curriculum adjustments will be assessed when students return to school in the Fall to account for the instructional time lost as a result of the school closures.

School Counselor, Monica Frame, is available by phone, email, and teleconference to connect with students and parents/guardians.

  • A very small group of administrative staff is working onsite to ensure our continuing financial and facilities management.
  • Administrative staff are working remotely and meeting regularly.
  • Building staff are continuing to work to maintain, clean, and disinfect our facilities.
  • Operations staff are working to ensure that students and teachers have the technology needed to continue distance learning.


The after-school program, known simply as “Aftercare,” begins at 3:45pm and ends at 6:00pm. Students not enrolled in Aftercare must leave the school grounds by 3:45pm or parents/guardians will be charged for after-school care. The Aftercare program coordinator and faculty members oversee homework and supervised recreation during the after-school hours. Healthy snacks are provided. Aftercare is available on a limited basis on concert nights. Students will be required to sign up in advance on these evenings. Students are expected to follow appropriate school behavior standards, and may not be permitted to take part in Aftercare if those are not respected.

Aftercare Charges & Sign-Out Procedures

The daily charge for Aftercare is $15.00 for students picked up by 5:00pm; $20.00 if picked up by 6:00pm. Students who leave for and return from a Crowden lesson pay $15.00 regardless of the time they are picked up. All students must be picked up by 6:00pm or parents/guardians will be charged $8.00 per minute for every minute they are late in retrieving their child. Monthly billing statements are sent through our FACTS payment program.

Students will only be discharged to parents/guardians or to an adult whom the parents/guardians have specified in writing. The adult must come to the library personally and sign out the student. This not only helps guarantee the safety of your child (which is always paramount), it helps prevent incorrect billing and further hassles for you. TCS will not release any student unless an approved adult comes in person for pickup. Please do not call and ask that your child wait in the lobby or in front of school.

Head Lice Information

Here are some helpful resources to answer your questions about head lice, how to check for nits and lice, how to treat, and more:

» California Department of Public Health's A Parent's Guide to Head Lice
» Treatment Guidelines from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention
» Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Lice FAQ

Students found with head lice may return to school after treatment with lice shampoo followed by nit removal.

If you have questions, please contact Assistant Principal Heidi Mattson.

Thank you for helping to keep our TCS students healthy and lice-free!

Parking & Safety

TCS parking-lot spaces are reserved for staff and faculty. There is ample parking in the neighborhood. Beware of parking restrictions in front of TCS and the Jefferson School and note the signs designating street-sweeping days.

Please use the green-curbed bay in front of the school when dropping off or picking up students. Adults who park on the opposite side of the street must accompany students across the street using the crosswalks.

Out of consideration for our neighbors, please avoid parking—even temporarily—in such a way as to disturb families in the vicinity. This includes parking in illegal areas, driveways, or in any way that inconveniences or obstructs the neighbors.

Double parking and U-turns in front of the building are illegal and dangerous; do not double park as that impacts school bus safety during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times.

Please note that Rose Street and surrounding areas are regularly patrolled by Berkeley traffic and parking officials. Families are responsible for resolving any parking fines incurred.

Room Parents

Fourth: Alice Lee
Fifth: Sonya Sanchez
Sixth: Dom Glynn
Seventh: Elif Kalkan
Eighth: Wieneke Gorter

Parent Volunteer Coordinators: Naomi Marks and Michelle Klucsor

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