The Crowden School Faculty

The Crowden School is fortunate to have a world-class faculty. These creative, immersed professionals are outstanding academic leaders and passionate, active performing artists and composers.

Crowden School Administration

Crowden Gala

Marion Atherton

Chief Operating Officer, Interim Crowden School Principal

Profile of Eugene Sor

Eugene Sor

Director of Music

Profile of Heidi Mattson

Heidi Mattson

Vice Principal

Profile of Rachel Durling

Rachel Durling

Lower School Music Coordinator


Nora Castro

Aftercare Supervisor

Profile of Monica Frame

Monica Frame

School Counselor


Margaret Linn

Afternoon Office Manager


Anette Skloot

Admissions Manager

Crowden School Faculty


Alexandra Ballard

7th and 8th Grade English and History, 7th Grade Homeroom


Lynn Bernhardt

5th and 6th Grade English and History, 5th Grade Homeroom

Profile of Eugene Chukhlov

Eugene Chukhlov

Violin, Ensembles


Leah Demathieu


Tyler DeVigal headshot

Tyler DeVigal

Cello, Ensembles

Profile of Rem Djemilev

Rem Djemilev

Violin, Viola, Ensembles, Orchestra

Elizabeth Dorman-new-resize

Elizabeth Dorman

Piano, Ensembles

Profile of Rachel Durling

Rachel Durling

Violin, Ensembles, Orchestra

Profile of Hande Erdem

Hande Erdem

Violin, Musicianship

Profile of Doris Fukawa

Doris Fukawa

Violin, Ensembles, Orchestra

Profile of Karen Ginsberg

Karen Ginsberg

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Math and Science, 8th Grade Homeroom

Profile of Lisa Grodin

Lisa Grodin

Violin, Ensembles (on leave)

Profile of Katherine Heater

Katherine Heater

Musicianship, 4th/5th Music History


Teale Matteson

Physical Education

Profile of Heidi Mattson

Heidi Mattson

3rd/4th Grade Core, 3rd/4th Grade Homeroom

Profile of Doug Machiz

Doug Machiz

Cello, Ensembles


Tyler Powles

4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Science; 6th Grade Homeroom; 5th Grade Math; 3rd and 4th Grade Co-Teacher

Profile of John Reager

John Reager



Christiana Reining


Profile of Arkadi Serper

Arkadi Serper

Piano, Ensembles, Musicianship

Profile of Laura Serper

Laura Serper

Chorus Director

Profile of Eugene Sor

Eugene Sor

Cello, Ensembles, Orchestra

Profile of Michael Taddei

Michel Taddei

Bass, Ensembles, Orchestra

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