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What greater impact can you make than to instill in a child a lifelong love of learning, a sense of community, the love for music, and self-confidence and communications skills to succeed in life?

Year after year “Crowden 8th graders leave capable of producing passionate, engaging, sophisticated musical performances, full of camaraderie and beauty— the result of a collaborative, nurturing, non-competitive environment; where high expectations—musically and academically—is the norm”, in the words of a Crowden alum who today is an accomplished violinist and entrepreneur.

Your gift, regardless of size, will have an immediate and lasting impact. It will expand the reach of an unparalleled Crowden School education through our scholarship programs, enhance our facilities, and ensure a robust and transformative experience for our students. By investing in a child’s musical education, you enrich our communities, foster empathy, and pave the way towards a brighter future.

Did you know?

55% of students at The Crowden School receive financial aid.

Over half of Crowden students are female, and less than a third are white/non-Hispanic.

Half of Crowden School families live in Berkeley, the other half commutes from across the Bay Area.

Our music faculty are themselves professional musicians with deep ties to Bay Area Symphonies and renowned music arts organizations.

Our Community Music Programs have over 1,400 students—aged 3 to 90—who participate in music lessons, classes, camps and ensembles each year.

Graduates of Crowden and our John Adams Young Composers Program have gone on to become world class composers, concertmasters, and celebrated musicians worldwide.

Celebrate 40 years of Crowden this Memorial Day weekend!» Join us May 25–26, 2024
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