Strategic Planning

The Crowden Music Center is undertaking a strategic planning process to identify organizational goals and priorities for its next several years. We have engaged strategic planning consultant Miriam Abrams to facilitate the process, which will culminate in June 2020.

The Strategic Planning Design Team, which includes staff members, board members, and parent representatives, is working to develop, monitor, and coordinate the process. Members of the Design Team have been designated as liaisons for specific Crowden constituencies. Members of the Crowden community are encouraged to contact their designated liaison with any questions about or input into the process. Design Team members are listed below.

Strategic Planning Design Team Members

Crowden Executive and Artistic Director: Doris Fukawa

Crowden Board Chair: Cary Koh

Board liaison: Harry Loucks

Staff and faculty liaison: Marion Atherton

Donor liaison: Moana Newman

Alumni liaison: Tracy Dooley

Crowden School parent liaisons: Young Lee and Cristella Chu

Community programs liaison: Jennifer Renton

Strategic Planning Process Timeline

September-October 2019
Kick-Off and Information Gathering: gather information from key constituencies by conducting one-on-one interviews, holding focus groups, and sending surveys.

November 2019
Analyze information received. Develop vision, draft strategic direction and goals.

January-February 2020
Determine strategic goals, strategies and measureable outcomes.

March-April 2020
Finalize strategic goals and outcomes, including financial planning.

April-May 2020
Implementation planning

May-June 2020

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