Crowden Chamber Singers

Children learn to sing in a supportive, fun, positive learning environment.

Crowden Children's Chorus

Children love to sing at Crowden

Ages 7 and up
Betsy Marvit and Stephen Varney, Directors

Level I: Ages 7–11

Level II: Ages 11–15
Betsy Marvit and Stephen Varney, Directors

14 weeks
Saturdays, 9:30–10:30am
Fall Session: September 8–Dec. 15 (no class November 24)
Spring Session: February 2–May 11 (no class April 6)
Tuition: $340 per session

In Level I, musical self-confidence and basic vocal technique are taught using the kind of excellent repertoire kids deserve but rarely experience, including classical and folk music from all parts of the world. Level II deepens young singers' musical understanding, with a strong emphasis on cultivating greater vocal independence. Each child discovers that his or her voice is an essential part of something bigger and more wonderful than they might have imagined. Choristers will be singing all the way home! Class culminates in a casual recital at the end of the semester.

Crowden Chamber Singers

Crowden Chamber Singers

Ages 10 & up

Betsy Marvit, Director

14 weeks
Saturdays, 10:30–12pm
Fall Session: September 8–December 15 (no class November 24)
Spring Session: February 2–May 11 (no class April 6)
Tuition: $480 per session

For those singers who have acquired vocal independence (can hold their solo part against other moving parts), this a capella group explores music from the Renaissance through modern day arrangements. Young musicians with instrumental and/or singing experience and a well-developed ear learn challenging music in a fun atmosphere. Part-emphasized recordings are provided to facilitate each student's requisite mastery. The group is occasionally invited to perform in off-campus events.

Registration for Crowden Children's Chorus

Full payment of tuition and fees should be included with registration. Make sure to enroll before the first class meeting!

Registration for Crowden Chamber Singers

Potential new members are asked to please attend BOTH Crowden Children's Chorus and Crowden Chamber Singers on the first day of the semester (arrive at 9:30am), in order to learn the audition music. Students will demonstrate their vocal independence following rehearsal.

Returning members need not audition, but may simply report to the first Chamber Singers rehearsal at 10:30am.

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In our music fundamentals classes, students develop a deeper understanding of musical principles while exploring the joys of making music. The result is a strong foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment, learning, and play.